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Joneljim offers a broad range of services such as industrial and commercial building construction, site development and project management and has recently expanded its earth related activities to include sewer and water construction. Joneljim maintains a relationship with a number of firms providing services to the local community.



Joneljim is a leader in Educational Facility construction. We have a thorough understanding of the variables that are foremost in the delivery of a properly functioning, educational facility including modern telecommunication requirements. Our experience with local subcontractors gives us an edge during the tendering, scheduling and construction processes of a particular project.

Our team takes a hands-on approach to every project. At Joneljim, we strive to exceed the clients needs. We seek to establish new relationships and improve business practices with our customers and suppliers.

We pride ourselves in building on time and on budget, without compromising service or quality.

Joneljim takes an active role in construction associations and in the communities in which we work.


Joneljim is actively involved in major industrial projects. Our team of professionals have gained extensive knowledge and diverse experience from working on pulp and paper mills, coal piers, sewage treatment and water treatment plants, gas turbines and coal storage buildings.

We place safety and quality assurance high on our priority list.


Our experience in the Project and Construction Management markets has shown us various ways to expedite and improve project delivery. It is through this experience that we can provide our clients with buildings on schedule, more economically and often with improved designs.

Joneljim provides the same intensity from the beginning to the end of a project, providing special attention to the negotiation of subcontracts and scheduling issues. Our main focus is the satisfaction of our client. We strive to provide the client with a complete building, on schedule and on budget.

This type of construction is an excellent choice for clients that wish to participate in the details of a project without becoming hindered by them.


Joneljim consistently delivers projects ahead of schedule, acknowledging the importance of quality, schedule and cost control. We have gained a large circle of repeat clients that seems to grow every day and they will attest to our success in this marketplace.

We have been able to secure contracts through invited bids, public tender and negotiation. Our clients work with us to achieve their desired budget objectives and receive a complete and quality project.

Through our team approach, we deliver quality projects, to the specifications, on budget and on schedule.


Joneljim has developed notable experience in the renovation of buildings. We have gained valuable expertise from the wide variety of specialized projects we have completed to date. This gives our clients a direct benefit from this wealth of renovation experience and exposure to various inspired construction techniques.

Renovation projects require a group of individuals with unique problem solving skills. The ability to implement cost-effective solutions based on actual site conditions plays a fundamental role in successful renovation projects.


Joneljim has designed and built numerous facilities to meet specific client needs. Some examples include:

  • Stora Paper Storage Warehouse
  • Laurentian Energy Steel Fabrication Shop
  • Rizzetto Office Complex, Sydney
  • Stephens Building Supplies
  • Keata Pharma Inc. Pharmaceutical Plant
  • Iona School (P-12)

Our team is complete with all disciplines: structural, civil, architectural, mechanical, electrical, and sprinkler.

Unique to our firm is our pre-engineered metal buildings, manufactured by Robertson Building Systems.