Joneljim Concrete Construction | Services
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General Contracting

Joneljim has more than four decades of experience managing construction projects of all sizes and scope. Our skilled and experienced team prides itself on delivering projects on time and on budget, without compromising service or quality.


Our relationships with local subcontractors give us an edge during the tendering, scheduling and construction processes.

Renovations & Custom Projects

Joneljim has notable experience in the renovation of buildings, having completed dozens of specialized projects.


Renovation projects require a group of individuals with unique problem solving skills. The ability to implement cost-effective solutions based on actual site conditions plays a fundamental role in successful renovation projects.

Project & Construction Management

Our experience in the project and construction management markets has shown us various ways to expedite and improve project delivery. It is through this experience that we can provide our clients with buildings on schedule, more economically and often with improved designs.


Joneljim maintains the same intensity from the beginning to the end of a project, providing special attention to the negotiation of subcontracts and scheduling issues. Our main focus is the satisfaction of our client.


This type of construction is an excellent choice for clients that wish to participate in the details of a project without becoming hindered by them.

Design Build

We offer a one stop solution for all of your project needs. We have expertise in all phases of the project including pre-construction, design, costing, and building. Our team is complete with all disciplines: structural, civil, architectural, mechanical, electrical, and sprinkler.


Unique to our firm is our pre-engineered metal buildings, manufactured by Robertson Building Systems.


Joneljim has designed and built numerous facilities to
meet specific client needs.


Some examples include:

  • Stora Paper Storage Warehouse
  • Laurentian Energy Steel Fabrication Shop
  • Rizzetto Office Complex, Sydney
  • Stephens Building Supplies
  • Keata Pharma Inc. Pharmaceutical Plant
  • Iona School (P-12)

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